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TSCD 4 Life

It took a long time 4 me

to find a way & a style that made me

feel free with an acousticguitar < 3

Sure i started learning with an acousticguitar & played it @ home @ partys just 4 fun - but it never felt like going out on stage with my fat & heavy electricguitar

But after starting working in the kindergarten it became a new meaning in my life < 3

Just tried to play these kidssongs in a more comfortablier style that made me & the kids feeling good

So i used to play theses songs in

Johnny Cash - Rhythm Style

And it worked

So i first started to write some songs 4 the kids

And than some day there came a person in my life that changed everything

Especially my mind & my heart

So i came closer to the acousticguitar

Started playing more of the songs i liked in the

early days of learning guitar

- like U2, Metallica and some other good acousticmusic that i´ve gotten to know by this amazing person < 3

And than, something happened that made my life really difficult to get along cause there is something missing in my life

So i used to get really close to the music by Johnny Cash

This jumping rhythm & that heartbreaking lyrics

made me feel good & sad @ one time

But it helped

So some day there was a idea in my head & heart
It was "The Most Beautiful"
So i started writing and it felt really good & liberating

I don´t want to discuss about the style :)

But it sounds like Anthony Ulbrich

And so i walked on on my way to write

some hearthealing, liberating & joy bringing Music

Trough the time i found also the way to make &

feel the good old swingmusic

- inspired by the Cherry Poppin` Daddies &

the dancing in R´n´R-Clubs -

So now im @ this point

Mixing Anthony Ulbrich Music with the good old styles and

a lot of ALOHA <3

that makes me & hopefully you

- swinging, dancing, singing & feel more than good < 3

And now i have found these guys

that make me and the music complete < 3

A Big Mahalo 2

Without you guys, this music wouldn´t be

amazing as it is

​TSCD 4 life

"The Phone Is Ringing" 0049 177 666 04 06


Aloha a mahalo

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