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Strolling In The Winter Wonderland

Candy Caned again < 3
Pete Rogers
Mahlo tiki tOny < 3 < 3 < 3
Jessi D. on Stage < 3
Boogie Banausen < 3 TSCD
Always Happy Hour < 3
DJ Little 45

We (Anthony Ulbrich & The Swinging Cash Daddies) are a swing dance band from Leipzig

and have the intention to organize a contemplative show for the "Most Wonderful Time Of The Year"

The last years we had the opportunity to adjust and test us for this project

(Aloha a mahalo - Lindy Hop Leipzig/Noels Ballroom)

and we have found out what a great feedback and marvelous feelings this brought 


Now we have collected some material (musical as well as deco) and

do not want to withhold this beautiful event from you

Therefore, we are currently in the process of contacting some of us

very special locations for booking requests < 3

We wondered how to make this highlight even more beautiful and magic(al) in the winter time!?!

With songs by Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby up to current interpreters like Brian Setzer (sure from us too) and a decoration (giant candy canes, Christmas tree, very special glitter and light / light elements,

an extra large mistletoe appears in the "Corner Of Love" for lovers and those who want to be, ...)

which invites even without musical backing in the winter wonderland - came the idea to bring ​​the

"TSCD Mele Kalikimaka Tour" in your town < 3

We thought this show + a     great location + you beautiful Gals and Guys - slipped inside the best twine

to enjoy this time intensively with all the happy feelings and maybe

a few little dances - would be the highest degree!!!


If we have perhaps already caused a little Christmas mood and have sparked interest,

we would be very "Feeling Happy", to make you

"Flip, Flop and Fly" enchanted!!!

PS .:

Sorry for the long "talk" in the videos !!! ;)


Greetings and hopefully cu soon

"Swing & Roll - Do The Stroll"

and "Freakout-Jump-Swinging"

on the „Dance Floor“!?!


Anthony Ulbrich & The Swinging Cash Daddies


Aloha a mahalo

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